Paci-Plushies Buddies, Leo Lion
Paci-Plushies Buddies, Leo Lion

Paci-Plushies Buddies, Leo Lion

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"Have you seen a pacifier?!" I frantically asked my husband on the phone over my screaming baby. We had officially lost the last one. GASP. We had tried a comparable product that rhymes with "Rub-A-Dub," but Lexi refused to take the pacifier that was attached...and then we found Nookums. Our lives were CHANGED

Not only did these cuties keep pacifiers in sight for us AND for Lexi, but they detached from the paci it came with...leaving us with the option to replace it with whichever pacifier Lexi favored that week. She also received a crazy amount of comfort from the little animal that is attached (which are super cute and brought us joy, as well), and it quickly became her favorite lovey. Paci-Plushies®' innovative, detachable design also allows for easy cleaning and sterilization: sanitize your babe's desired pacifier any way you choose and throw that cute little plushy in the wash! We always kept at least two on hand to change out for washes. 

This is an adorable and much appreciated gift for new and upcoming parents. It's flexible Hug Ring™ adaptor attaches to a wide variety of Name Brand Pacifiers, including MAM®, Avent®, NUK®, BIBS™ and more! Later down the road to aid in weaning (or if baby doesn't end up taking to a pacifier), parents can cut off the ribbon that connects the Hug Ring™ to the plush animals, allowing Baby to keep their precious Plushie for continued comfort & play.

*Dishwasher Safe & Machine Washable.

Mama's Mercantile currently carries a variety of Nookums! Buddies are standard Plushies, while Shakies have a small rattle inside. The plushies/shakies are currently available in Alli Alligator, Rufus Retriever, Ella Elephant, Leo Lion (Lexi's all-time favorite), Georgie Giraffe, and Unity Unicorn. 

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