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Do you believe in fate? I do most days. And I think you're here reading this because there is a good chance we're connected in some way. Part of the same tribe, per say? We're living the best, most challenging of every day lives. We are MAMAS. Every woman who desperately longs for motherhood is a mother, whether you have a baby to hold or notWhether you're a new mama, an ole pro, maybe a mama to your baby(ies) who don't get to live on Earth with you, an adoptive or foster mama, trying your DAMNEDEST to have your own baby to holdor ANYWHERE in between, YOU. ARE. A. MAMA. And I'm really freaking happy that you're here. I sure hope you're not easily offended. 

Oh, sorry! I'm not the best at introductions. I'm Andrea Kraft. I'm a 32 year old gal who grew up in a very small town in Middle Tennessee and am now a Floridian living on the Treasure Coast. I have been married to my cute college boyfriend, Alex for a little over 8 years now, and we now have several babies together; one Earthside, two in Heaven, and one who is due to join us in January 2022. I love my family. I grew up in a situation where I had to eventually make my own, and that's okay. I am proof that blood IS NOT always thicker than water, and I am a firm believer in making your own family/tribe. I love my people, biological and not. 

I am an infertility awareness advocate. We struggled (to put it lightly) with infertility for 2.5 years prior to conceiving our first, so becoming/being a mom is what I have focused on since Summer/Fall of 2015. It's my life. It's what I'm passionate about. I'm dedicated to creating support and a feeling of belonging for us mamas. Mama's Mercantile serves mamas like you by putting essential (and some not so essential) goods for you mamas and your babies in one place. Mama's Mercantile is here to help mamas lives be just a smidge easier. Because this job is hard enough!

Did you know this is my very first blog post? You probably do by how sporadically written it is, hahaha. Seriously, thanks for making it to the end and just-- thanks for being a part of this tribe. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing! 




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